Monday, January 26, 2015

Teal Star: The #PTSD Magazine

#TealStar: The #PTSD Magazine was launched as a digital magazine in October 2014. It's already been a huge success with 5,000+ readers from around the world!

The Mission: help hurting people heal by providing stories of hope and effective resources & educational information on both tradition and non-traditional healing methods.

The Vision: Be the "go to place" for all things related to healing and recovering from PTSD/Secondary PTSD while providing financial stability to individuals dealing with or caring for someone with PTSD through flexible and "portable" jobs.

The digital magazine is FREE to subscribe--so please check it out here:
If you would like to advertise in Teal Star, please email:
tealstarmagazine@gmail.comIf you would like to write an article for Teal Star, please email:

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