Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Battling Bare, an overview

Our first blog post :) This will be a basic overview of what Battling BARE is and what our ultimate goal is. NO MORE will we be the "silent support" on the homefront... our soldiers DESERVE the right to be healed and whole! Help combat PTSD!

Our mission is to unite women and children who love a soldier dealing with PTSD by providing comfort in knowing they are not alone, a pathway of speaking out and battling back against the struggles they have faced with their soldier, along with offering support and encouragement so those women will continue walking the path of healing with their soldier.In the process of empowering and encouraging these women and children, we will raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of PTSD while combating the stigma associated with this condition by increasing understanding of PTSD allowing for veteran suicide rates to decrease as the willingness to seek help and healing increases.

Battling Bare--a private organization-- is currently seeking non-profit status and is in it's beginning stages. We may challenge the status quo in what is acceptable and appropriate for a woman to do/behave. I ask that you stop for a moment and hear me out... my husband battles daily with his demons of war. These unseen wounds of Soldiers all over the world, have the names depression, anxiety, night terrors,PTSD, and others. I, and wives like me, have tried everything we know to try to help.

Currently stationed at Fort Campbell--home to the highest suicide rate in the Army-- we've suffered the loss of 30 plus soldiers to suicide in the past few months. To state that soldiers are "dropping like flies" is no exaggeration...a few were husbands of dear friends and myheart is breaking as I try to help them cope. Grief from a traumaticloss such as suicide is truly an animal of its own breeding.I ask for your help and support via prayer or taking part in battlingback. The photo, just as the emotion it visualizes is raw--my heartbreaks and soul bleeds for the pain of each and every soldier--I hopethat the power of this photo inspires more "silent supporters" to"battle back".Searching actively for a way to answer when asked "what can we do, weare just the wives?", the idea for Battling Bare hit me in about 45seconds one night...let's start with powerful, eye catching pictures and let our voices be heard. The purpose is to create an outlet for wives that are at their wits' end trying to help their husbands heal...women who feel all alone in their struggle. Let us unite to raise awareness, battle back for healing, create hope and take awaythe feeling of being alone.

What can you do? 

Photo submissions of support are welcome, please send them to 

Please utilize the following guideline: Use of tatas and tushies, or photos which could be construed "of a sexual nature" will not be posted. Submission of a photo provides permission to Battling Bare for posting and/or duplication and a release of ownership of photo without expectation of compensation. Editing will be completed, as neccesary, to enhance anonymity or meet spacing parameters at our discretion.

We are also accepting personal stories and testimonials to feature on the blog to inspire and support others.