Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lessons from "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson

"Turning Simple Decisions Into Massive Success" reads the subtitle on the book that came in my "start-up kit" for Nerium International this past January.

And you know what? That book sat around in a stack of other books I've been "meaning to read" since then. I literally had to dig it out of a box to start reading it after the move.

And guess what? Today is one of those days that I really don't "feel" like writing a blog post or scheduling social media--all part of the slight edge plan that I'd created for myself a few weeks ago...because I'm going through and I'm doing the right things to grow the Battling BARE network and get my life on track, but it's not like this plan is a magic wand and everything is "poof" going viral again. Know what I mean?

It's a slow process.

A process that must be carefully, deliberately and diligently executed--a little bit every day.

So what exactly is "The Slight Edge"--I'd never even heard of the book or Jeff Olson before I was introduced to Nerium. So, I completely understand if you have never heard of this book that has been a "best seller".

The Slight Edge is a attitude in life that brings to like that it is the little decisions that don't really seem to know the little ones...that either give us the "edge" or have the "edge" working against us.

The decisions like getting out there and walking for 10-15 minutes because you just know you should--and a year later, you look and feel amazing because all those minutes of walking added up and created this huge life change....but that is after a year. At first, the small decision to walk 10-15 minutes doesn't result in much change...and you don't look or feel any different. So, you just have to stick with it...and the cool thing is that the walking really becomes second nature. You just "do it" instead of having this big huge debate in your head about whether or not you "feel" like walking.

The same thing with getting on top of finances and saving money to finally break the "paycheck to
paycheck cycle" of life that often results in the infamous "bill juggling" where one never gets ahead in life--they catch up on one thing only to fall behind on another. UGH...I think every person has been there a time or two--but far too many "stay there" because they don't know how to break the's their "normal" or as I like to call it their "awareness". (For how to break this cycle, check THIS THISout!)

The same thing with eating--which I have to be honest, this is where I am really having a tough time because I have come to love food and "flavor adventures"...especially in times of stress where I crave sugar and "baked goodies"--not to mention that baking in and of itself is a stress release for me--and I adore the reactions people have to my delicious concoctions. So, all of that together--along with my decision to not work out since we've been in Missouri...and let's just say the only clothing that comfortably fits right now are "stretchy" things. (For resources on medicating with food, check out these 2 incredible books: Within and Loosing Your Pounds of Pain)

**I do want to insert here that I have made the decision to start working out again and am getting new athletic shoes today. 2 weeks ago, when I started my "slight edge" plan, I found my athletic shoes had been left outside during the "great garage" organization...and my 8 year old Maine Coon decided to pee on them. YUCK! And...since we are still getting back on top of the finances...I didn't "just have" $60 to go spend on shoes. Today is payday! So, GUESS WHAT!?!? New Shoes!!! :-)**

So, why am I rambling on about the slight edge after I just wrote about not striving for perfection and stressing yourself out in yesterday's "Reality Check" post?

Because the slight edge isn't about doing it all at once.

It's about doing a little it here and there--like with your house for instance, I just love The Fly Lady's 15 minutes a day program that starts with shining your sink. :-) It's amazing how that results in a clean home less than a month later....and a purified and lightened heart and soul, too!

It's about reading a few pages a day in a book that feeds your heart and soul--instead of what I used to 30 books at a time and read 30 pages of one of the books before ordering another 30 books on the new "topic de jour". (Lord have mercy! I have a LOT of books and self improvement programs!)

It's about make small nearly unnoticeable changes that have time start working in your favor and not against you. (Like--Christmas is coming! Are you putting aside money to pay cash for gifts?)

It's about setting a goal and breaking it down into tiny little baby steps and then working your plan...even if, like me and my social media plan, you see more "unlikes" than "likes" on the Facebook page--or people being cranky that I refuse to focus on the "sad, angry truth about PTSD".

It's working that plan--no matter what, and before you know it, you'll have a brand new life.

So what are you going to do to give yourself "The Slight Edge"?

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